Service Project Z01 - Markus Christmann & Wynand Roos

DNA damage & repair assays

Quantitative analysis of DNA damage and repair activities will form an essential part of genome stability research. As no single lab can master all the sophisticated technologies involved, a service platform will be established to provide access for all network members to a range of important tools, including quantification of strand breaks by comet assays, detection of damage and repair foci by automated high-resolution microscopy, detection of DNA adducts by immunohistochemistry and South-Western blotting, functional assays for specific DNA repair pathways and replication fork movement, and cytogenetic analyses for quantifying chromosomal aberrations and recombination events. The platform will also curate a database of reagents and protocols to promote standardisation of experiments in the network.


Service Project Z01 - Markus Christmann & Wynand RoosService Project Z01 - Markus Christmann & Wynand Roos

Prof. Dr Markus Christmann & Dr Wynand Roos

University Medical Center Mainz
Institute of Toxicology

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