Project 1 - Falk Butter

Quantitative interactomics of specific types of DNA damage

Project 2 - Thomas Carell

Development of chemical mass spectrometry tools for the investigation of BER and NER

Project 3 - Christof Niehrs

Role of NEIL DNA glycosylases in DNA demethylation and base excision repair

Project 4 - Andriy Khobta

Co-transcriptional repair and transcriptional bypass of bulky DNA adducts

Project 5 - Markus Christmann

Impact of epigenetic silencing and p21 on Benzo[a]pyrene-induced senescence and DNA repair…

Project 6 - Cristina Cardoso

Dissecting the response of replisomes to genotoxic stress

Project 7 - Helle Ulrich

Real-time analysis of replicative DNA damage processing

Project 8 - Ivan Dikic

Molecular mechanisms of replication stress response

Project 9 - Brian Luke

Mechanistic understanding of Rtt101/CUL4 function at sites of single ribonucleotide insertions

Project 10 - Eva Wolf

Structure-function analyses of mammalian Timeless in genome maintenance

Project 11 - Oliver Krämer

Relevance of the phosphatase subunit PR130 and its acetylation for checkpoint kinase signalling

Project 12 - Petra Beli

Analyses of replication-associated double strand break response

Project 13 - Vassilis Roukos

Dissecting molecular mechanisms of oncogenic, therapy-related MLL translocations

Project 14 - Alexander Löwer

Quantitative time-resolved analysis of DSB repair in individual living cells

Project 15 - Markus Löbrich

RNA-mediated c-NHEJ of resected DNA double-strand breaks in G1 phase

Project 17 - Peter Baumann

The mechanism of telomere protection by shelterin proteins

Project 18 - Karl-Peter Hopfner

Structural mechanism of MRN-ATM in DSB signalling and processing

Project 19 - Thomas Hofmann

Dissecting the mechanism underlying repair versus cell death pathway choice upon DNA damage