Project 5 - Markus Christmann

Genome-wide analysis of DNA damage and impact of SCARS during maintenance of genotoxic stress-induced senescence

This project aims to uncover interdependencies between the nature of senescence-maintaining non-repaired DNA lesions and the complexes involved in their signalling. Thus, we will analyse the localization and composition of DNA-SCARS. The expected results will reveal whether DNA lesions in specific genomic regions are more prone to be converted into non-repairable DNA lesions. In addition, the impact of the SCARS and p21CIP1 on senescence maintenance will be analysed using an auxin-inducible degron 2 system, targeting 53BP1, H2AX, or p21CIP1. The expected results will reveal to which degree these components are responsible for senescence maintenance in response to different types of genotoxic stress.


Project 5 - Markus Christmann

Prof. Dr Markus Christmann

University Medical Center Mainz
Institute of Toxicology
Obere Zahlbacher Strasse 67
55131 Mainz


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