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SFB 1361 Colloquium  
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SFB 1361 Colloquium  
8. Publications  
Publications Below please find publications from SFB 1361 projects since 2019. 2020 Wolf E and Kramer A (2020) Circadian Regulation: From Molecules to Physiology. J Mol Biol, doi:…  
9. New publication from the Khobta lab - Novel tool to detect mutagenic bypass of DNA lesions  
The Khobta lab developed a new tool to visualise mutations that arise from copying damaged DNA in human cells. You can read the paper here:…  
10. Publications since 2019 Roos  
2019 Aasland D, Gotzinger L, Hauck L, Berte N, Meyer J, Effenberger M, Schneider S, Reuber EE, Roos WP, Tomicic MT, Kaina B and Christmann M (2019) Temozolomide induces senescence and repression of…  
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