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2. All you need to know about patenting  
SFB 1361/IRTG Seminar  
4. Destroying the eukaryotic replisome  
SFB 1361 Seminar  
6. New publication from the Carell lab - Active turnover of genomic methylcytosine in pluripotent cells  
The Carell lab used metabolic labeling with stable isotopes and mass spectrometry to quantitatively address the global turnover of genomic methylcytosine across mouse pluripotent cell…  
10. JMB special issue edited by Peter Baumann and Brian Luke  
SFB 1361 members Peter Baumann and Brian Luke have edited a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology focusing on  "Non coding RNAs at Telomeres and other Repetitive Regions of the…  
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