DNA Repair & Genome Stability

In the summer semester 2020, the SFB 1361 hosts the Lecture Series "DNA Repair & Genome Stability" for the second time. The lectures are primarily aimed at Master's and early stage PhD students, but are open to anyone who may be interested and wishes to attend.

Lectures will take place during the summer semester on Tuesdays, 9:00-10:30 am at IMB.
They will be given by representatives from IMB, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University Medical Center Mainz.

The full schedule of the 2020 Lecture Series can be found below. You can download the poster here.



14.04.2020DNA repair and genome maintenance – an overview / Genome maintenance during DNA replicationHelle Ulrich Coming soon
21.04.2020DNA damage by genotoxic and carcinogenic substancesMarkus Christmann Coming soon
28.04.2020Excision repair pathways: safeguarding DNA integrity and maintaining gene functionAndriy Khobta Coming soon
05.05.2020DNA double strand break repair pathways & biogenesis of chromosome translocationsVassilis Roukos Coming soon
12.05.2020Regulation of DNA damage response by posttranslational modificationsPetra Beli Coming soon
19.05.2020Role of the cytoskeleton in genome stability / Transposable elements and genome instabilityHans-Peter Wollscheid / Joan Barau Coming soon
02.06.2020Active DNA demethylation by DNA repair mechanismsLars Schomacher Coming soon
09.06.2020RNA-DNA hybridsBrian Luke Coming soon
16.06.2020DNA-binding proteins and MS methods to study DNA damage / Interconnection of cell cycle, genome maintenance and circadian clocks Falk Butter / Eva Wolf Coming soon
23.06.2020Capping the ends of chromosomesPeter Baumann Coming soon
30.06.2020DNA damage triggered cellular responses / Desired actions and side effects of chemotherapyWynand Roos / Oliver Krämer Coming soon

The written exam for JGU Master's students will take place on 7 July, 9:00 in IMB's Seminar Room.