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71. Associated members  
SFB 1361 Associated Members Group Leaders working on SFB 1361 related topics may apply for associated membership. Currently the SFB 1361 has ten associated members.  
72. Dr Ralf Dahm  
Dr Ralf Dahm Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) Ackermannweg 4 55128 Mainz +49 (0) 6131-39-21503 Email Webpage Scientific Management  
73. Members / Principal Investigators  
SFB 1361 Members / Principal Investigators The SFB 1361 has 22 members from different institutions in Mainz, Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Munich. All members are principal investigators of SFB 1361…  
74. Team  
Participating Institutions Within the SFB 1361, scientists from the following institutions collaborate: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) - Faculty of Biology Institute of Molecular…  
75. 7 new associated members have joined the SFB 1361  
We are happy to announce that seven group leaders have joined the SFB 1361 recently as associated members. We are looking forward to new collaborations and to hearing more about their research in…  
77. Publications from the Ulrich lab - Analysing DNA single-strand breaks  
The Ulrich lab has published a detailed protocol for GLOE-Seq, their new method for genome-wide mapping of these lesions, in STAR Protocols: Moreover,…  
78. New publication from the Carell lab - Active turnover of genomic methylcytosine in pluripotent cells  
The Carell lab used metabolic labeling with stable isotopes and mass spectrometry to quantitatively address the global turnover of genomic methylcytosine across mouse pluripotent cell…  
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