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51. Gifts from a science life  
SFB 1361 Colloquium  
52. New publication from the Cardoso lab on developmental differences in DNA replication  
The Cardoso lab studied DNA replication progression and origin activation in mouse embryonic stem cells. Read the full paper here. Rausch C, Weber P, Prorok P, Hörl D, Maiser A, Lehmkuhl A,…  
53. New review from the Hopfner lab on DDR kinases ATM, ATR and DNA-PKcs  
Marijke Jansma and Karl-Peter Hopfner have reviewed recent structural analyses of the DNA damage response kinases ATM, ATR and DNA-PKcs and their possible mechanism of (auto)inhibition,…  
54. New publication from the Christmann lab on how benzo[a]pyrene represses DNA repair  
The Christmann lab has shown that benzo[a]pyrene represses DNA repair through altered E2F1/E2F4 function and that this marks an early event in DNA damage-induced cellular senescence. You can find…  
56. All you need to know about patenting  
SFB 1361/IRTG Seminar  
57. SFB 1361 Online Retreat 2020 - SFB 1361 internal event  
SFB 1361 Online Retreat 2020 On 28 September 2020, the SFB 1361 scientists met for an online retreat. Candidates for associated membership presented their projects and colleagues working on the…  
59. New publication from the Roukos lab on genome-wide detection of DSBs by sBLISS  
The Roukos lab, in collaboration with the Bienko & Crosetto labs, presents a step-by-step experimental protocol for genome-wide detection of DNA double-strand breaks with…  
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