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SFB 1361 Seminar  
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6. New publication from the Löbrich lab about DSB repair pathway choice regulated by BRCA2 and RAD52  
This interesting publication by the Löbrich lab investigates the regulation of DSB repair pathway choice by BRCA2 and RAD52. The reseachers uncovered RAD51-independent roles of RAD52 and BRCA2 in…  
7. New publication from the Krämer lab on cell survival control in murine PDAC cells by class 1 HDACs and ATM  
This exciting publication by the Krämer lab explores how an inhibition of de novo dNTP synthesis and an inhibition of HDAC family affect primary murine PDAC cells. Through in vitro experiments, the…  
8. Gender and diversity sensitive communication in science  
Gender and diversity sensitive communication in science date: 13 + 14 December 2021, online coaches: Dr Isabel Fraas, Dr Anne Freese target group: SFB 1361 PIs, Postdocs and PhD students   …  
9. GMP Course  
GMP Course date: 15 + 16 June 2021, online coaches: Heinrich Prinz, Christoph Prinz target group: SFB 1361 PhD students & postdocs   Topics: Do you consider working in a company…  
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