Associated members

SFB 1361 Associated Members

Group Leaders working on SFB 1361 related topics may apply for associated membership. Currently the SFB 1361 has ten associated members.


Dr Joan Barau

Transposable elements & genome stability - IMB Mainz

Dr Pierre-Olivier Frappart

Modeling and targeting DNA double strand breaks repair deficiency - UMC Mainz

Prof. Dr Thomas Kindler

Role of oncogenic signalling in epigenetics and DNA repair - UMC Mainz

Dr Nard Kubben

Biology of ageing and ageing-related diseases - IMB Mainz

Dr Katja Luck

Integrative systems biology - IMB Mainz

Prof. Dr Dominik Niopek

Biology of eukaryotic gene and genome regulation - TU Darmstadt

Dr Sandra Schick

Genome regulation by the ATP-dependent BAF chromatin remodeling complexes

Prof. Dr Julian Stingele

DNA-protein crosslink repair - LMU Munich

Dr Hans-Peter Wollscheid

Role of cytoskeletal proteins in genome stability - IMB

Dr Kathi Zarnack

Bioinformatics of RNA Regulation in Physiology and Disease - BMLS, GU Frankfurt