Project summary 2019-2022

Petra Beli: Analyses of replication-associated double strand break response (Project 12, 2019-2022)

In this project, we will employ quantitative proteomics, high-throughput microscopy, biochemistry and DNA repair assays to provide a systematic view of proteins involved in the processing of collapsed replication forks. Based on the notion that poly(ADP-ribose)-polymerase 1 (PARP1) plays an important role in replication-associated DNA double-strand break repair, we have used proximity biotinylation and quantitative mass spectrometry to identify factors associating with PARP1 under these conditions. We will now elucidate the mechanistic role of one of these factors, TPX2, and its interaction with PARP1 in the DNA damage response and subsequently expand our analysis to a systematic, time-resolved investigation of protein complexes associated with collapsed replication forks.