GMP Course

GMP Course

date: 20+21 June 2022
coaches: Heinrich Prinz, Christoph Prinz
target group: SFB 1361 PhD students & postdocs


Do you consider working in a company producing pharmaceutical -, biological- or food products in the future? During this course you will learn what GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) means under these conditions.
GMP is guided by regulations defining quality assurance processes or conditions for the manufacturing and quality control process for the pharmaceutical industry. A quality assurance system is important for the maintenance of the quality of the product as deviations could have an important outcome for the health status of the user/patient.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Where does GMP come from?
  • Why is GMP important?
  • You will get a basic knowledge on the regulations which lead GMP in Germany, Europe and world-wide.
  • Basics are transferred to understand why GMP is necessary for the quality and usability of medicinal products.
  • The different divisions inside the pharmaceutical areas are presented and their correlation is discussed.
  • You will be able to understand the responsibility of the different key personnel inside the pharmaceutical departments.

Methods used in this seminar: presentations by the trainer, discussion, short group work