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202. DNA repair: A tale of two genomes  
SFB 1361 Seminar  
204. Two new associated members have joined the SFB 1361  
20-04-2021 We are happy to announce that Prof. Dominik Niopek (TU Darmstadt) and Dr Nard Kubben (IMB Mainz) have joined the SFB 1361 recently as associated members. We are looking forward to new…  
206. Chromothripsis in cancer  
SFB 1361 Colloquium  
209. Synthetic lethality and DNA repair  
SFB 1361 Seminar  
210. New publication from the Hofmann lab on DAZAP2 as a specifier of the p53 response to DNA damage  
 25-02-2021 The Hofmann lab identified Deleted in Azoospermia-associated protein 2 (DAZAP2) as a novel regulator of HIPK2 and specifier of the DNA damage-induced p53 response. Read the…  
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