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12. New review by the Luke lab - "Non-coding RNAs at the eukaryotic rDNA locus: RNA-DNA hybrids and beyond"  
In this review, the authors from the Luke lab report about the current knowledge on R-loops and triplexes specifically at the rDNA locus in yeast and human cells and what is known about their role…  
16. Equal Opportunities and Family Support  
Equal Opportunities and Family Support Equal opportunities, the promotion of female scientists and support for families are integral parts of each partner university’s mission statements and…  
17. SFB 1361 Online Retreat 2020 - SFB 1361 internal event  
SFB 1361 Retreat 2020 This "retreat" will take place as an online event. More information coming soon.  
20. Lectures  
DNA Repair & Genome Stability   In the summer semester 2020, the SFB 1361 hosts the Lecture Series "DNA Repair & Genome Stability" for the second time. We have added some new topics, so…  
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