The Beli lab collaborated with the Roukos, Luke and Barau lab to identify a novel player in R-loop regulation


R loops, three stranded nucleic acid structures, can pose a threat to genome stability. A great collaborative effort between multiple CRC members and associated members analysed the R-loop proximal proteome and revealed a role of the tumour suppressor DDX41 in regulating these transcription-induced structures. They could show that DDX41 opposes the formation of R-loops and double strand-break accumulation in promotor regions. These findings provide a molecular mechanism underlying the genetic predisposition to acute myeloid leukemia in individuals with non-functional DDX41. Read the full paper here.

Mosler T, Conte F, Longo GMC, Mikicic I, Kreim N, Möckel MM, Petrosino G, Flach J, Barau J, Luke B, Roukos V and Beli P (2021) R-loop proximity proteomics identifies a role of DDX41 in transcription-associated genomic instability. Nat Commun 12:7314 Link