New publication from the Löbrich lab about DSB repair pathway choice regulated by BRCA2 and RAD52

This interesting publication by the Löbrich lab investigates the regulation of DSB repair pathway choice by BRCA2 and RAD52. The reseachers uncovered RAD51-independent roles of RAD52 and BRCA2 in restricting TMEJ until the onset of mitosis by blockage of DNA polymerase POLθ. These findings will help understanding the synthetic lethality network of BRCA2-defective cells. Read the full paper here.

Llorens-Agost M, Ensminger M, Le HP, Gawai A, Liu J. Cruz-García A, Bhetawal S, Wood RD, Heyer WD and Löbrich M (2021) POLθ-mediated end joining is restricted by RAD52 and BRCA2 until the onset of mitosis. Nature Cell Biology, doi: 10.1038/s41556-021-00764-0 Link