New publication from the Löbrich lab about DSB repair pathway choice regulated by BRCA2 and RAD52


This interesting publication by the Löbrich lab investigates the regulation of double-strand break repair pathway choice by BRCA2 and RAD52. The researchers uncovered RAD51-independent roles of RAD52 and BRCA2 in restricting polymerase theta-mediated end joining (TMEJ) until the onset of mitosis by blockage of DNA polymerase POLθ. These findings will help understanding the synthetic lethality network of BRCA2-defective cells. Read the full paper here.

Llorens-Agost M, Ensminger M, Le HP, Gawai A, Liu J. Cruz-García A, Bhetawal S, Wood RD, Heyer WD and Löbrich M (2021) POLθ-mediated end joining is restricted by RAD52 and BRCA2 until the onset of mitosis. Nature Cell Biology, doi: 10.1038/s41556-021-00764-0 Link