New publication from the Butter lab on the identification of novel telomere binding proteins TEBP-1 and TEBP-2 in C. elegans


In this new publication, the Butter lab used a quantitative proteomics approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of the proteins interacting with the telomere sequence in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. They indentified TEBP-1 and TEBP-2, two paralogs expressed in the germline and embryogenesis, as telomere-associated proteins. Read the full paper here.

Dietz S, Almeida MV, Nischwitz E, Schreier J, Viceconte N, Fradera-Sola A, Renz C, Ceron-Noriega A, Ulrich HD, Kappei D, Ketting RF and Butter F (2021) The double-stranded DNA-binding proteins TEBP-1 and TEBP-2 form a telomeric complex with POT-1. Nat Commun, 12:2668 Link