New publication from the Krämer lab on cell survival control in murine PDAC cells by class 1 HDACs and ATM


This exciting publication by the Krämer lab explores how an inhibition of de novo dNTP synthesis and an inhibition of HDAC family affect primary murine PDAC cells. Through in vitro experiments, the researchers were able to show that clinically relevant doses of hydroxyurea and etinostat promote DNA replication stress and apoptosis. Further, the experiments demonstrated that class 1 HDAC activity promotes hydroxyurea-induced activation of ATM. The authors propose that both class 1 HDACs and ATM control the survival and replication stress of murin PDAC cells upon dNTP depletion. Read the full paper here

Nguyen A, Dzulko M, Murr J, Yen Y , Schneider G and Krämer OH (2021) Class 1 Histone Deacetylases and Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated Kinase Control the Survival of Murine Pancreatic Cancer Cells upon dNTP Depletion. Cells, doi: 10.3390/cells10102520 Link