New publication from the Roukos lab on genome-wide detection of DSBs by sBLISS


The Roukos lab, in collaboration with the Bienko & Crosetto labs, presents a step-by-step experimental protocol for genome-wide detection of DNA double-strand breaks with sBLISS (in-suspension breaks labeling in situ and sequencing).
Read the full paper here.

Bouwman BAM, Agostini F, Garnerone S, Petrosino G, Gothe HJ, Sayols S, Moor AE, Itzkovitz S, Bienko M, Roukos V and Crosetto N (2020) Genome-wide detection of DNA double-strand breaks by in-suspension BLISS. Nat Protoc, doi: 10.1038/s41596-020-0397-2