Hotel Information


Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and has to be organised by the participants.

Participants are offered special rates for rooms at the Advena Europe Hotel Mainz, me and all Hotels Mainz, Novotel Mainz, Niu Hotel Mainz and the B&B Hotel Mainz for the duration of the conference. Please make your reservation directly with the hotel using the given keyword. Each reservation must be guaranteed by credit card.

Please note that the hotels named are just a selection of many which can be found in the Mainz region and the organisers cannot be held responsible for availability and/or level of service. If you are planning to stay in Mainz directly, it is recommended to reserve accommodation as soon as possible.

See Getting Here for information about how to travel to Mainz and to IMB.

Hotels with special rates for the 2022 IMB/SFB 1361 Conference

Room contingent is limited and provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Advena Europa Hotel Mainz
Kaiserstraße 7, 55116 Mainz

Singleroom EUR 81,00 incl. breakfast
Rooms can be booked until 20.08.2022
+49 6131 97107-0,
Keyword: IMB

B&B Hotel Mainz
Mombacher Straße 2b, 55122 Mainz

Singlerooms EUR 60
Rooms can be booked until 09.08.2022
+49 6131 570788-0,
Keyword: IMB

me and all Hotel Mainz
Binger Straße 23, 55131 Mainz

Singleroom EUR 139,00
Rooms can be booked until 09.08.2022
+49 6131 89446 250,
Keyword: IMB

Novotel Mainz
Augustusstraße 6, 55131 Mainz

Singleroom EUR 130,00
Rooms can be booked until 23.08.2022
+49 6131 954 662,
Keyword: IMB Events

Mombacher Straße 6, 55122 Mainz

Singlerooms EUR 149,00 incl. breakfast
Rooms can be booked until 26.07.2022
+49 6131 4980500,
Keyword: IMB Conference